I have extensive experience as a clinician and am able to quickly establish and maintain a good rapport with my patients by providing a comfortable and unconditionally supportive environment.


My areas of expertise include issues arising from intercultural difficulties, anxiety, panic attacks, depression, life transition, trauma, chronic pain, addiction, burnout, grief, loss, self-esteem/self-image, romantic, social and work relationships.

I provide psychotherapy and counseling to adolescents and adults, but will occasionally see younger patients who are accompanied by their parents.

I use eclectic treatment modalities and one of my main therapeutic approaches are mindfulness based interventions (MBCT, ACT, etc.) utilized in conjunction with Positive Psychology emphasizing on self-actualization of your strengths and potential.

Mindfulness Based Interventions

I offer an eight-week Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR), as well as a Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) course. Both of these classes last eight weeks, with weekly meetings and one additional all-day (Saturday or Sunday) session.

The MBSR class focuses on reduction of stress in one’s life, while the MBCT is more geared towards preventing relapse of depression. Both of these programs teach individuals the principles of mindfulness to increase awareness of all aspects of one’s self. This awareness helps reduce daily stress and recurring depression, regardless of symptomatic manifestations of physical, emotional, social or psychological discomfort.

Crisis Interventions

If you ever find yourself in need of acute or urgent psychological care, I am able to provide you with psychological interventions to address your distress by identifying crisis precipitants and making a rapid assessment, in order to ascertain the best strategies to cope with the crisis. After an initial crisis intervention session, follow-up and booster sessions are available.

I work with a psychiatrist who can prescribe medication and make arrangements for a hospitalization if necessary.

Life, Personal and Business Executive Coaching

As a Certified Master Coach I offer coaching to clients who strive to achieve a work-life balance and help delineate attainable goals. Through coaching, individuals can also increase their job performance by being able to utilize their people and relationship skills.

Unlike psychotherapy, coaching focuses on effecting changes in people without analyzing or delving into their past. Instead it focuses on the client’s current and future behavior by guiding them in finding their own solutions to challenges.